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Our Work

Completely disinfecting and eradicating harmful pathogens (molds, bacteria, and viruses) can only be done when all surfaces are reached. When dealing with molds, the first step may require removal of barriers (trim, drywall, e.t.c.) to identify the cause(s) and extent of growth and damage. This is followed with the removal of all compromised materials. The next step is the disinfection process, and to ensure complete eradication, we use electrostatic spraying technology. Our electrostatic delivery system incorporates advanced induction charging which produces small electrically charged droplets that ‘wrap around’ all surfaces - and this is the ONLY way to reach 100% of the surfaces.


We use only EPA-registered disinfectants and cleaners to ensure the safety and well-being of all. Our team is OSHA certified to remove, disinfect, and dispose of hazardous materials.


Certified in residential and commercial mold inspection and remediation, we follow ANS/IICRC S520 Standards for Professional Mold Remediation, and are active members of NAMRI.

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